1. French and Indian War

Essential Question: Which group (Natives or British) is less civilized in their actions during war? 

Standards Directly Addressed in Unit:
HIS8.1: Writing: understands audience, organization, evidence & clear message
HIS8.2: Reading: Reads to identify the main idea and vocabulary of a resource Topics/Activities
HIS8.5: Content: understands roles of people, places, events and themes in history
HIS8.6: Correctly uses grammar, tools & formal style to clarify and organize an argument

Description of Summative Assessment
Throughout the unit, you will have many opportunities to examine primary and secondary documents.  For the assessment, you will put together the knowledge you have gained and write a paragraph that answers the essential question: Which group (Natives or British) is the least civilized in their actions during the war?  To complete the assignment, you must find specific, credible evidence and explain it support your main idea.  We will also be practicing research skills by submitting a bibliography with the final draft. 

Rubric for Summative Assessment

  • Primary and Secondary Resources
  • Credibility
  • Bias
  • Text Pages 130-135
  • P's and Q's Active Reading Strategy - See Below
  • Neighbours - Resource Competition
  • Document Analysis
    • Natives are Uncivilized
    • British are Uncivilized 
  • MELCon Outlining/Organizing/Writing
  • French/Indian War PowerPoint
  • George Washington Letters
    • Braddock's Defeat
      • To Mary Ball Washington (Mom)
      • To Governor Dinwiddie
    • Proclamation Line of 1763
      • To William Crawford