Boston Massacre and Propaganda

Essential Question
How does propaganda work today and in history and what was its role in the Boston Massacre?
  • Show how propaganda works
  • Explain how propaganda played a role in the Boston Massacre
  • Design a propaganda plan for OMS today (present to class)

Standards Directly Addressed in Unit:
  1.    Interpret events using multiple sources
  2.    Explain how and why multiple perspectives lead to a variety of interpretations of events
  3.    Integrate visual and textual information to demonstrate understanding
Topics/Activities - Boston Massacre
Topics/Activities - Propaganda

John Adams Scene Analysis

This is a really cool video that breaks down a scene from John Adams and the Boston Massacre scene.  It does a great job of describing the use of perspective and angle to show the peer pressure a crowd can place on an individual

Below you can find links to resources and documents that were used during the Boston Massacre Unit