2. Causes of the American Revolution

Essential Question: Did the colonists have just cause to declare independence from the British?

As this unit begins, America is a collection colonies under the control of King George III. However, as the king attempts to increase his grip on the colonies, there is world-changing push back from American patriots. In this unit, we will examine the leading causes behind our break from Great Britain as well as the debate over making such a drastic move. 

Standards Directly Assessed:
HIS8.1: Writing -- Understands audience, organization, evidence & clear message
HIS8.2: Reading -- Reads to identify the main idea and vocabulary of a resource
HIS8.3: Research: Develop questions, identify & utilize credible primary sources
HIS8.6: Correctly uses grammar, tools & formal style to clarify and organize an argument

Description of Major Summative Assessment:

Summative Assessment Rubric: