5. Western Expansion

This is a complex unit that combines History and English departments and lasts the duration of Quarter Three. Students will be choosing their topic of study within the bounds of Western Expansion and Manifest Destiny.  There will also be some choice as to the method of gathering information and presenting what they have learned.  Along the way, they will be working with various teachers to develop research skills, practice the art of presentation and craft final products they will be proud of.

Essential Question:
  Was the period of American expansion truly progress?

Standards Directly Addressed in this Unit:
HIS8.1: Writing: understands audience, organization, evidence & clear message
HIS8.2: Reading: Reads to identify the main idea and vocabulary of a resource
Research: Develop questions, identify & utilize credible primary sources
HIS8.4: Presentation: use visuals, multimedia & symbols to convey original
Content: understands roles of people, places, events and themes in history
HIS8.6: Correctly uses grammar, tools & formal style to clarify and organize an argument

Description of Major Summative Assessment:

Summative Assessment Rubric: