6. Causes of the Civil War

Essential Question:  How did slavery damage our nation’s institutions and send us plunging into the Civil War? 

We cannot talk about the Civil War without looking closely at the role slavery played.  Beyond the painfully obvious violation of human rights, slavery ripped apart the social, economic and moral fabric of our nation. In this unit, we will look at various spheres of society to see how conflicts over slavery impacted each. Then you will need to decide where that impact was felt the greatest.  This is truly a woeful chapter in the history of our great nation.

Standards Directly Addressed in this Unit:
HIS8.1: Writing: understands audience, organization, evidence & clear message
HIS8.2: Reading: Reads to identify the main idea and vocabulary of a resource Topics/Activities
HIS8.5: Content: understands roles of people, places, events and themes in history
HIS8.6: Correctly uses grammar, tools & formal style to clarify and organize an argument

Description of Major Summative Assessment:

Summative Assessment Rubric